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Shrikant Mali

Founder and CEO

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Shrikant Mali is a researcher and an innovator. Research excellence is at the core of Enverden Labs. He has a strong technical background through the expertise gained in nonlinear and intelligent control, renewable energy integration, power electronics application into power systems, modeling and simulation over the years at IIT Bombay, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).


Prior to Enverden Labs, he was a part of Simulation Centre for Power Electronics and Power Systems, IIT Bombay. Where he worked with Prof. Mahesh B. Patil (professor at IIT Bombay) and hugely contributed to power electronics simulations. Before IIT Bombay, he was an officer at DRDO and has extensively worked on rotary engine testing for successful flight trials of NISHANT UAV. He has also worked on research projects under the guidance of prominent power quality consultant - Dr. B. E. Kushare.


Shrikant is an exceptional research leader with the awareness of past innovations and intuition for the future in his field of expertise. He is constantly improving and adapting his own research strategy. Enverden Labs has consistently invested in R&D. Shrikant believes that ideas are not alone enough for innovations but the translation of research outcomes and ideas into value-adding products, solutions and services is important. Thus, at Enverden Labs, he focuses on creating value using the protection of intellectual property rights to generate returns. Innovation is most effective when it is aligned with a deep understanding of market needs and staying at the top of the competition. We understand the value of a strong patent portfolio along with a good business strategy, so invests in other companies commercializing the patent.


Academic Details:

  • ME Electrical - Power Systems, Pune University

  • BE Electronics Engineering, Pune University

  • Industry Integrated Diploma in Electronics and Telecomm. Engineering, LTIT



  • SCPEPS, IIT Bombay, India

  • VRDE, Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), India

  • L & T Infotech, India


Research Interests:

  • Power electronics: converter control, drives, HVDC, FACTS

  • Renewable energy conversion and microgrids

  • Intelligent and nonlinear control

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