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Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
- Steve Jobs

Power Quality Analyzer

Power quality in India encompasses voltage variations (sag and swell), interruptions, voltage surges, and harmonic distortions.
Our Power Quality Analyzer monitors and measures these problems 24*7. Proprietary artificial intelligence-based prediction algorithms generate conclusive reports which are used for predictive maintenance, zero downtime, and reduction in electricity bills.

Industrial Autonomous Robots

In order to achieve scale efficiently and reliably in the warehousing and manufacturing sector automation is the key. Current automated robots are having high capital costs, high maintenance, unreliable operation, and also require modifications or re-construction of user factories. 
Camera-based natural navigation technology solves these issues and also reduces the cost by 30%. Deep reinforcement learning-based algorithms result in - dynamic path planning, obstacle avoidance, 3D mapping, fleet management, etc.


Modular Super Fast Charger

Electric vehicle chargers and infrastructure are the need for widespread adoption of electric vehicles. Unreliable charging and uncertain downtime create inconvenience to the users.
Our charging solution can -

  • Provide 100% uptime and availability through the use of a resonant-based converter.

  • Real-time adaptive charge rate control for super-fast charging with temperature compensation and battery feedback. 

  • A modular and hot-swappable system with auto bypass faulty module.

Swarm of Autonomous Robots for Facade Cleaning Application

Manual cleaning and mechanized cleaning with the hanging ropes can be tedious methods of facade cleaning. Also, traditional cleaning methods are not cost-effective and frequent accidents create legal issues at the site.
AI-based wall climbing autonomous swarm of robots is used to autonomously clean, inspect, and also effectively weatherproof the facade with sealant.

Round Buildings
Air Duct

HVAC - Chiller Noise reduction Control VFD

The sound generated by a typical chiller system is predominately created by the compressor and the condenser fans. Strict laws and standards are been forced to implement solutions like - sound barrier or sound absorption methods.
Our VFD solution can -

  • Intelligently suppress noise generated from the HVAC without barriers or noise blankets.

  • Reduce mechanical vibrations thus increase the overall life of the equipment.

  • Improve energy efficiency thus electricity consumption.

Commercialization of Small Scale Wind Turbine Technology

Return-on-investment is impossible for currently available Small Scale Wind Turbines in the market. Due to low wind velocity and intermittent nature of wind, it is difficult to harness wind power for residential customers.

Our innovative technology is capable of -

  • Providing better ROI to the residential customers, which solar - PV is not capable of.

  • In case of commercial customers, the returns are even better.

  • Unmatched system performance due to the unique combination of - turbine blades, wind machine, power electronics and control.


Intelligent BMS - Battery Management System

Current electric vehicles in the market, are not providing any system integrated into the vehicle which inherently takes care of EV - battery completely. Also, huge battery replacement cost limits EV adaption.
Our generalized and intelligent BMS completely adapts and protects the battery from all possible real-life scenarios. It also provides useful information such as - State Of Charge, State Of Health, ride analytics to the EV user. The power electronics can help to test the battery in real-time.

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